Cheer Nationals

Congratulations to all the teams that took part in Jamz Nationals In January 2023.  You all looked amazing out on the floor!

Mariposa Bears JN - 2nd

Modesto Rams 6 JN - 4th

Modesto Rams  8 JN - 6th

Kingsman JN - 3rd

Central Saints JN - 5th

Hornets JN/N - performed

Patterson Ravens N - 6th

Big Valley Sabres N - 2nd

Modesto Rams N - 5th

Central Saints N/JV - 1st

Kingsman JV - Preformed

Big Valley Sabres JV - 3rd

Patterson Ravens JV - 3rd

Modesto Rams JV - 1st

CV Outlaws JV - 5th

Central Saints V - performed

Big Valley Sabres V - 1st

Mariposa Bears V - 3rd

Modesto Rams V - 2nd

Kingsman V - 5th

Patterson Ravens V - 2nd

Turlock Hornets V - performed